Functionality of smart house

Energy efficiency

Why spend when we can save. Energy is expensive these days so let us consume it with care. Let ENTIAliving make your home more energy efficient, more environment friendly and of course, more friendly towards your wallet.

  • Heating & Cooling
  • Control shading Control
  • Power outlets control
  • Measure everything

Remote control

With ENTIAliving our home is always with us, in our pockets, on our smartphones, tablets or personal computers. Beautifully designed, fast and secure apps put us in control of our homes, wherever we are.

  • Apps for smartphones
  • Apps for tablets
  • Web interfaces
  • iOS, Android, Windows,…


Protection against burglary, fire, flood and more… Be instantly aware of unwanted events. A home has to be a safe place and ENTIAliving makes it so. Compatible with most commercially available security systems.

  • Protection against burglary
  • Protection against fire
  • Protection against flood
  • Video surveillance


We made the ENTIAliving smart home customizable to our needs and habits, customizable to suit our lifestyles; we made the ENTIAliving to work with you and for you. Feel comfortable in and about your home with ENTIAliving.

  • Heating & Cooling Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Shading Control
  • Ventilation Control

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