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Easy, intuitive, efficient and enjoyable - these are the main values of modern and convenient ENTIAliving system.

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Home. We all have it and it is our safe heaven, our base of operations, our place of comfort, it’s a central point of our lives.

It is our goal at Entia to make that an easy task – make it fun. At an affordable price. That is what we had in mind, when we started the Entia Company. We wanted to design a system that will unite all the devices and harmonize our homes. To design a system that will make it easy to save energy when we are at home or away. To create a system that will help us make our homes work for us. We have done all that and more. ENTIAliving. A smart home system that will harmonize your home.

ENTIAliving is a smart home system that enables automatic control of living environments with the aim of increasing the comfort and security of its users, providing efficient energy use and enabling remote control over Internet.

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